Shingles, a viral skin disease that is weakened by the body, must be careful

What is shingles disease and when it is shingles, what food slang is prohibited? All about skin diseases near you that you should know.


          Shingles is a skin disease caused by the same virus as chickenpox. Which this virus can secretly hide in our ganglia Which we have been unaware of for many years Especially those who have had chickenpox Plus during this time the body has low immunity. The more you have to be careful of shingles to visit.

Who can cause shingles?

Shingles occurs in people of all sexes and ages. And because it is a disease caused by the same virus as chickenpox Patients with shingles tend to get chickenpox first. And once it has been recovered from chickenpox for months, or maybe years, the shingles will show itself. Especially with the weak. Having less immunity, such as when the elderly are sick, have stress, insufficient rest Being in an HIV infection Or a cancer patient who has received immunosuppressants, such as

shingles, which way is contagious?

Shingles is a contagious disease. If a person who has never had chickenpox before touches a snake-patient blister. Measure or breathe the virus from the blister directly into the body.Initially, chickenpox would come. After that, despite having recovered from chickenpox already But the VZV virus is still hidden in the ganglia. Wait for the appropriate incubation time for shingles to appear on our skin. But if you had been vaccinated against chickenpox before In this case, it may help reduce the risk of shingles.

Shingles caused by?

Shingles is a type of skin disease that can be found in Thailand. It is caused by a virus called Varicella zoster virus or abbreviated VZV, which can cause 2 diseases in people: chickenpox and shingles.

Shingles symptoms disappeared a few days

the symptoms of shingles. Can be found on the face, mouth, arms, around the waist, back, legs, or even shingles up the eyes can be divided into 3 stages as follows

– Initially the patient will have a deep burning pain without finding the cause. And may also have a fever This is because during this time the body’s immune system is reduced. Causing the virus to begin to multiply A nervous system infection Therefore there is a deep burning pain in the nerve.

– After 2-3 days of burning pain, it will enter the second stage, a red rash begins. It later turns into clear, firm water blisters (the shape of water droplets rolling on the lotus leaf) arranged in long clusters along the body’s nerve patches, such as along the length of the arm. Or along the length of the leg or around the waist, around the back or head, etc. The clear, firm water blisters of shingles will break out into a wound, then scab. And recover by itself within 2 weeks

– When the blister cracks and the wound has healed (Stage 3), most patients will still have a deep burning pain along the pathway of the disease. In some people, this can happen for months or even months , especially older people, some people experience deep burning pain after the wound has healed for years.

How to treat shingles and how to act when you are sick

There are several options for treating shingles. Which depends on the symptoms and the condition of the patient at that time By treating shingles and how to take care of yourself when sick, it is as follows. – For patients with normal immunity. Symptoms may be treated with symptoms such as pain medication – taking acyclovir within 48-73 hours of symptoms. This drug inhibits the proliferation of VZV virus, which is effective in both shingles and chickenpox patients. Including herpes By having both pill form, capsules, topical and injection – pack the wound with saline solution each time for about 10 minutes, 3-4 times a day to allow the wound to dry faster – in cases of bacterial complications. May need topical or oral antibiotics.

Apply calamide to relieve itching, if itching is very itchy, you can also take anti itch medication But before using and taking all kinds of drugs, you should consult a doctor or pharmacist first as well

. Because it may be infected with bacteria As a result, the wound heals slowly and may become scarred.

– Rinse with salt water. For those with stomatitis, tongue stasis

– Do not peel or scratch the shingles wound is strictly prohibited. And regularly shower and wash soap thoroughly To reduce the risk of recurring bacterial infections

– wear loose, comfortable clothing, is shingles treated with herbs good?           As I mentioned earlier, it is better to try to avoid applying herbs or Chinese medicine to the wounded or blister area. Because the chance of infection from this herbal treatment is very high. Although there is a tendency that symptoms will improve But it certainly isn’t worth the risk.

Shingles prevention

The shingles vaccine is currently available. Which can reduce the risk of shingles Or, if already infected, it will help alleviate the severity of the symptoms, such as relieving pain after infection. However, the shingles vaccine is recommended for people over 60

but for people who have never had chickenpox. Preventing chickenpox scenes should be injected first. It is the best protection against VZV virus. In addition, if someone close to sick with shingles Should separate appliances The patient’s clothing, towels, mattresses and all belongings from the ones we use are strictly prohibited. Including avoiding close contact with shingles patients.

 Shingles. This disease is fatal or curable.

The severity of shingles may not be fatal. As most shingles symptoms go away on their own after about 2 weeks of scaly lesion, even after the wound heals, pain along the nerve may still remain. Some of them have pain for years as well,

which in addition to the pain along the nerve Some people with shingles may be at risk for complications such as aggravated bacterial infection, inflammation of the eyes, corneal ulcers. And ear complications such as deafness When shingles goes up along the auditory nerve, etc. So it seems to be concluded that Shingles is not fatal. But it is a disease that affects quite a lot of health.

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