Depression, a depressive disorder that requires immediate treatment

Depression, a psychiatric disorder that threatens people around the world. And the illness can be severe to cause suicidal thoughts Come check the symptoms with treatment methods.
Major depressive disorder is the most common psychiatric disorder. The patient is not crazy and not a bad person. Rather, it is someone with an emotional illness that needs treatment. Because if you let it Patients may think suicidal shortly. Because there are statistics stating that Depression patients die 20 times more successfully than the average person.
          In Thailand, there are more and more cases of depression and there are still many people who do not see a doctor, so depression is an important concern.

What is depression?

          Depression is a type of psychiatric disorder. That makes the patient suffer from physical, mental and mental illness, which these symptoms will affect the daily life. To make myself feel unhappy There was only anxiety Therefore must be treated quickly by consulting a psychiatrist

Causes of depression

          Depression is a mental disorder caused by abnormal brain chemical called serotonin (Serotonin) is reduced, the patient is sick, the whole body, soul and mind feel discouraged, sad, disgusted, not fun. With life I can’t sleep Frequent nightmares Affect the ability to work decreased

          However, the causes that provoke depression come from many factors. Both from heredity Development of the mind And the environment faced, such as experiencing heavy stress and life monsoon Chronic illness until being discouraged Experience the loss of life such as separation from parents, childhood loss of family, loss of work, financial problems. Have to move home suddenly Relationships with close people are not smooth. And if they are faced with those events or feelings frequently, they may trigger depression. This includes biological factors such as changes in the levels of certain brain chemicals. It can lead to depression as well. In addition, genetic factors are part of the cause of depression. Because this disease can be inherited But it does not mean that if there are relatives


The symptoms of depression may differ from person to person. But in most cases it goes like this.

          + There is a depressed mood. (In children and adolescents it can be irritable)

          + A significant decrease in interest or enjoyment in activities

          + Massive weight loss or gain. (Weight changes more than 5% per month) or loss of appetite or overactive food

          + insomnia or sleep too much

          + restlessness, restlessness or slowing down

          + fatigue, lack of energy

          + feeling worthless

          + decreased concentration, distrusting or hesitant All

          + Thinking about dying, Thinking of wanting to die

          * Must have at least one of the symptoms in 1 or 2.

          * Must have had symptoms for 2 weeks or more. And these symptoms must be present almost all the time, almost every day, not intermittent, just a day or two, disappear and come back again.  

          In severe patients, be careful Because there is a very high chance of suicidal thoughts If there is only a few things that affect the mind According to statistics, it was found that More than 60 percent of those who committed suicide were also suffering from depression.

Depression, alternating with bipolar disorder,

has another type of emotional disorder, bipolar disorder.People who suffer from this type of illness have two types of symptoms: depressive and the opposite. With depression When a depressive episode occurs, the patient has the same symptoms as most depression, but when the manic episode is the opposite of his manic episode, he or she becomes unusually happy, very happy, talks a lot, laughs. Keng Jai Spends a lot of money Big, big projects popped up in my mind. Some are aggressive, go around and intrude others. Some people have a lot of sexual desire. Some people have false beliefs, for example, they consider themselves Superman to protect the world.

The role of the family in depression

Family and relatives are important people in the treatment team. Keeping the patient encouraged that depression is a treatable disease can be of great help. Because patients tend to be pessimistic And often forget about this point. In addition, it must encourage patients to take medication regularly. Because of the slow-acting drug, patients may mistakenly believe that this drug is ineffective.

In a very high case and thoughts of suicide. Relatives should keep things that could be used to kill themselves, such as ropes, knives, scissors, pesticides, weapons, and close care of the sick. For those who are strongly committed to suicide, the patient should be admitted to a hospital with close supervision.

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